Leeshua won second place on the “Look Hot Before You Tie the Knot” contest powered by Gourmet Daily.
"I’ve lost over 15 pounds on the diet and lost several inches off my waist and hips. It was a transition going from eating whatever I wanted to eating a healthier, clean labeled, and truly nutritious diet. I love the food, it’s always fresh and tasty. One of my favorites is the shrimp paella. The balanced meals have made me aware of my eating habits and helped me to change them.”

- Leeshua,

Brittani was one of the contestants on “Look Hot Before You Tie the Knot” contest powered by Gourmet Daily.
Hi Everybody at Gourmet Daily!
I wanted to let you know that during the look hot before you tie the knot contest that I lost 25 pounds in 90 days! And the weight is still coming off! The food was absolutely delicious, I was introduced to new foods, and I never felt hungry. Most of all I learned about portion control, what is a reasonable “real” amount of food to eat at a sitting. I have carried this skill forward, both in preparing meals at home and when I’m dining out. Thank you so much for kick starting my new path to a healthy life! I’ll keep you posted on my progress!!

- Brittani

Erica was the WINNER of the contestants on "Look Hot Before You Tie the Knot" contest powered by Gourmet Daily. "I'm down 30 pounds and feeling absolutely fabulous with one week to go. I haven't had any IBS symptoms since before I started. It's amazing to be able to eat delicious foods and NOT have to deal with the side effects. Also, my energy levels are way up. I had my thyroid tested three times prior to the start of the program due to weight gain and constant tiredness. I guess you could say I'm cured since starting the Gourmet Daily plan and eating quality ingredients and healthy foods!"

- Erica Washburn

Sara was one of the contestants on "Look Hot Before You Tie the Knot" contest powered by Gourmet Daily.
Hi, I’m Sara and I’ve lost 12.9 pounds on Gourmet Daily, and improved my health dramatically. A little background; I am a Type 1 Diabetic and require insulin for life. If I can better control my blood sugar, reduce my insulin dose I can live a long and healthy life and avoid the serious consequences of diabetes: blindness, kidney failure, heart disease, even limb amputations. I watched my grandmother struggle with Type 1 diabetes. She eventually needed a kidney transplant (my Grandpa was the donor, true love!) I was really scared when I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 2014 as my pancreas began to fail. It was hard not to fall into a pity party. I knew my life going forward would be a challenge. There is a “honeymoon” period where the pancreas still functions, and the meal plan has helped me extend this period. My doctor has reduced my insulin dose several times since I’ve been on Gourmet Daily. The last time I had my hemoglobin A1c checked, which gives information about average blood glucose levels, it was 6.8. The goal for a Type 1 diabetic is below 7. I’m extremely happy about that. When I was diagnosed my level was 12.9! Wahoo!! I feel great, I’m eating terrific food, I have more energy so I’m working out more, I’m losing weight, and i am decreasing my need for medication! Gourmet Daily is a life saver! Thank you!!

- Sara Deney

Melanie was one of the contestants on "Look Hot Before You Tie the Knot" contest powered by Gourmet Daily.
"The before photo was taken at a work party with my colleagues. In this picture I weigh in at about 179.2lbs pounds! The after picture on the right was taken yesterday morning which also just so happens to be my birthday (3/24/15). I weighed in at 164.6 lbs. (Happy Birthday to me!) I didn't know 14.6 lbs. could look like this!

Everyone at work keeps asking me what I am doing for my diet and exercise. I have already shared Gourmet Daily and have shown my food off to everyone. My colleagues in the cafeteria always tell me "IT SMELLS AND LOOKS SO GOOD!"

I am so glad that I was able to participate in the contest with Gourmet Daily and Cosmo Magazine. The plated breakfasts, lunches, and dinners were amazing and I could not have been more pleased. My results speak for themselves – today I am down 23.5 lbs!

Thank you for promoting a HEALTHY means for losing weight. As an overweight woman it is easy to get caught up in fad diets using pills and artificial substances but through this diet, you all have truly made a statement...A simple portion controlled diet and a little exercise does work.

P.S. I went to the beach on Sunday and guess who was NOT fully covered ;) Thank you again! I couldn't thank you all enough.

Kind Thoughts & Much Thanks,"

- Melanie Rolle, Florida

"I've been eating GourmetDaily food for a little over 3 weeks now and have lost 10 pounds. People are starting to notice the change in my body and it feels really good to brag a little bit about my hard work! Your Diet food has great tasting protein in every meal and the protein snack bars are a nice treat! My body feels thinner, less bloated and I am gaining more energy! "

- Tori B., Iowa

"It was great hearing from you today. I am so excited about my progress with Gourmet Daily and eager to share my progress with you! I have been following the diet regularly for four weeks now. In addition to the diet I have been working out 30 minutes to an hour at least five days a week. Check out my one month before and after photo. The before photo was taken at a work party with my colleagues. In this picture I weigh in at about 179.2lbs pounds! The after picture on the right was taken yeste"

- Melanie, Florida

"Your food makes it so easy to lose weight! The high quality and diversity is great and it tastes fantastic. I've lost 10 lbs. in less than a month and haven't felt hungry like I have on other diets. I highly recommend GourmetDaily"

- Brittani, South Carolina

"The best thing about the Diet is the pre-measured portions. Eating 1200 calories and burning 400 daily at the gym has netted great results. I have already lost 15.5 lbs."

- Meek Banks, Maryland

"So far, I have loved the diet. The food is great. I have been losing weight every week. I work full time therefore having already prepared meals has really helped me."

- Brandy Juarez, Idaho

"First, let me say how thankful I am to have been chosen for this opportunity! I was flipping through Cosmopolitan on my lunch break shortly after returning to work from maternity leave and saw the competition! I thought, man I really could use some help losing weight after having my baby! Though I enjoyed being pregnant, it did not agree with me so much and I ended up gaining over 60 pounds, 20 in the last couple of weeks in water weight. Once back to work full time, I really did not have tim"

- Ashley M,

"So far I am in love with your Diet. I am in love on how easy it is to be on this diet, and it actually taste good! The quality of the food is great, and it really doesn't feel like I am on a diet with this quality of food! My energy has improved, and I am more motivated to go work out. So far on this diet I am averaging on losing about 2-3 pounds per week. I know if I keep with this, I will be able to meet my goal I have set for myself. "

- Ella Marie Esquivel, Texas

"The Diet Challenge is a great diet program. I have had many challenges with the program but continue to be determined and successful. It is now week four of the program and I feel great. The food is amazing delicious. Food that I have never seen or heard of I have found to enjoy. One of my favorite meals is the herbed chicken with vegetable barley and brussel sprouts. I would have never though in my entire life to have liked brussel sprouts. I enjoy eating the meals and look forward to each meal"

- Priscilla P, California

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